Friday, April 07, 2006

Girl Talk Part 1

Welcome back! Ok so your talking with your girl on the phone and suddenly you remember you haven't said more then 2 words in the last 15 minutes. Your mind starts drifting to the muted tv you forget to turn off when she called. Suddenly your watching your favorite tv show slipping away from you forever, while she jabbers your ears off. Your pulled back into reality by her voice asking what you think you should do. Panicsville.

Ok your stuck. She could be asking what jeans she should wear tomorrow or when she can take your truck on a cross country trek with her girl friends. Do you #1 bluff your way thru it? #2 Hang up the phone and claim the phone dropped the call, (this only works on non-land based lines)? #3 Say "Sorry I was watching tv and didnt hear you"?

Answer: None of the above. Unless you want to be by yourself for the next couple of weeks, then go for all three. If this happens, and it will, Tell her you got sidetracked for a moment and that you missed the question. If she asks what distracted you, be honest. Tell her you didn't turn off the tv and just muted it when you picked up her call. Assuming shes not a psycho, she will repeat the question. This is do or die time, do NOT give a simple 2 word answer. Give a detailed answer to her question. If she wants to know what jeans to wear, ask about colors or cut styles. Are they her favorites or do they have tons of holes in them. Ask her what shes wearing with them and where she is wearing them to.

If she is asking for your truck, ask her why they need your 2 seater truck when her 4 seater car would be better for the 3 of them. Ask them where they are going and when they are going, etc...

Overall be interested in her, even if you could care less about the subject at hand. Its pretty important to her or she wouldn't have asked the guy in her life about it. She could ignore our suggestions and even ask her girlfriends about it, but she will still be glad she asked you and didn't just go, "...umm the blue ones?"

Until next time! Leave some comments or questions!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


What we do on this blog is help you, as a guy, get the girl. Or maybe your a girl who just wants to know something about guys. We can help you too. We will post some of our observations as well as answer some of your questions! Welcome!